Pre-marital Counseling

Couples who are considering marriage or have set a date for their wedding are usually encouraged by their pastor to schedule some pre-marital counseling. Some pastors choose to facilitate these sessions themselves. Increasingly, however, churches are sending their engaged couples to other counselors for this process.

Many couples take advantage of the "premarital counseling package" offered by all the therapists at the counseling center. This consists of three sessions of counseling using the PREPARE-ENRICH inventory, an instrument that helps to identify areas of discussion the couple needs to pursue, topics such as conflict, communication, children and parenting, sex, finances, etc.

One of the best reasons for premarital counseling is that it gives a couple an experience of discussing their relationship with an objective third party. Even the best of marriages can benefit at some point from talking to a therapist. Seeing a counselor before the wedding takes some of the mystique out of talking to a marriage counselor.

Westminster Counseling Center is committed to fostering healthy marriages and we are pleased to be part of that process from the very beginning.

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